Dimock, South Dakota
Built By Cattlemen, For Cattlemen

South Dakota’s Premier Cattle Handling Equipment

At C & W Welding, we know what it takes to raise cattle as we operate a second generation cattle farm. Since 2016, we have been developing and building heavy cattle equipment that can protect livestock from South Dakota’s harsh weather. When developing each product, we don’t look at what is the easiest to build, but what can withstand mother nature. Our portable windbreaks, livestock shelters, corral panels, cattle shades and feedbunks are changing the industry standards for cattle equipment. Each product goes through rigorous research to see how animals react to the products before releasing it to the public. Utilizing game cameras set up during storms allows us to see in real time how livestock react to the products. We proudly use every product we manufacture and when it stands up to the wear and tear my father inflicts on it, we know it will perform on your operation. Follow us on Facebook for more information on why we build the way we do and what to expect from our products.





Specializing in Heavy Calf Sheds & Windbreaks