Dimock, South Dakota
Built By Cattlemen, For Cattlemen

C&W Welding Calf Sheds

Our portable livestock shelter is changing the industry for versatility, strength, and ease of use. We innovated a wall that swings completely open offering unlimited potential for this shed during the year. The sheds can be manipulated to form a sheep shelter, calf hut, or calf shelter. Learn more about our livestock shelter options and how it they be transformed to fit your needs.

Livestock Shelter Specifications

  • Our shed measures 8.5’ by 25’10” by 7’8” tall

  • Average weight of 1950 lbs

  • Sheds entrance is 8.5’ by 34”

  • Shed is moveable by loader from the top with cutting edge of bucket or pallet forks.

  • Entrance wall can swing 180 degrees offering easy access for bedding, treating sick calves, or storing of ATVs during the off season!

  • The shed is well ventilated to help with health of calves.

  • Gate to close off the shed completely

  • Clear ridge cap lightens up all the inside drawing calves to the back of the shelter

  • Average 32-38 one month calves on our operation each morning.
Specializing in Heavy Calf Sheds & Windbreaks