Dimock, South Dakota
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C&W Welding Sunshade Bracket

We take our heavy portable windbreaks and turn them horizontally to make them a shade for your livestock. This idea came about as we wondered how to utilize our windbreaks during the summer. Now, every windbreak we use on our operation gets turned into a shade panel. This is a removable bracket that bolts onto our windbreak, suspending them in the air to offer your livestock relief from the powerful summer sun.

About the Sunshade Bracket

  • 8’ by 8’ bracket.

  • Weighs an average of 220 pounds.

  • Can easily be added and removed from the top of our windbreaks.

  • Suspends our portable windbreaks in the air 7’ making it good shade for your livestock.
Specializing in Heavy Calf Sheds & Windbreaks