Dimock, South Dakota
Built By Cattlemen, For Cattlemen

C&W Welding Cattle WindBreak

Our portable Cattle Windbreaks are what got C&W Welding famous in the industry of cattle equipment. We went through intensive research to develop the best portable windbreaks for snow loads, withstand against high winds, and to maximize the area protected for cattle. When using the C&W Welding Windbreak, know your livestock will be protected against high winds and unpredictable weather all year long. See what producers are saying about our products.

The Cattle Windbreak Specification List

  • 26’ long by 9’ tall

  • Average weight of 1150 lbs

  • Legs are bolted on, 14’ long and bent in the middle to improve stability.

  • Panels can be lifted from the top with loaders cutting edge, grapple, bale spear, and pallet fork.

  • Panels can be lifted from the middle with skid loader pallet fork or bale spears.

  • Our windbreaks have been proven to lead the industry in standing to high winds.
Specializing in Heavy Calf Sheds & Windbreaks